Day 5: Tuesday

Students were excited to finally present all of the work they have done over the past five days! The day began with more studio group time for the Upper School and final preparation time for the Lower School. The student committee was excited to get everyone bagels (over 500!) from their favorite bagel establishment, Bruegger’s.


The Lower School then began giving their presentations in front of a panel of judges. They were split into five different rooms and spoke in front of the panel as well as their peers. Presentations ranged anywhere from tuberculosis to bipolar disorder. Hopefully, you got a chance to check out the live stream!


While the Lower School was presenting, the upper school took a break from researching and practicing their presentations to watch a movie during the scheduled activities block. Students were excited to finally get a chance to relax and enjoy the cinematographic genius of High School Musical 3! After the movie, the groups went back into their final block of preparation time before presenting.


After the Lower School presentations, the students went to lunch–noodle bowls–and then debriefed about the end of the Global Forum. The Lower School then went to their final activities block–a sing-along! The day ended with a celebration for the Lower School.

While the Lower School were singing and celebrating their hard work, the Upper School began presenting their findings. The Upper School studio groups were also split into the same five rooms as the Lower School to present their findings in front of their peers and the panel of judges. Topics in the Upper School ranged from cholera to mental health.


After all the presentations, the finalists from the Lower and Upper School were decided and these four groups will present for the last time at an assembly in February. The winners from each category will win a grand prize!

Overall, the students were sad to see the Global Forum come to an end. After five days of hard work and researching about diseases and disorders, the student body learned a lot about activism and making an impact. The adult and student committee spent the entire week–and the years leading up to the Forum–working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure “Disease Week” ran as smoothly as possible. The student committee is excited to hear the feedback about the forum as they believe student feedback is crucial in the success of the forum. We hope everyone learned something from the Global Forum and that the next one is even better than the last!