Day 4: Monday

After a nice relaxing weekend, the students came back excited and ready to wrap up their projects. The studios started the day by continuing to work on their research and presentations. Most groups are putting together slideshows to demonstrate their research process and their final result.


The Upper School students then went to their respective advisories to eat some food and talk to their classmates about their projects with their classmates and advisors. The student committee also set up a fun game of dodgeball for both the Lower and Upper School (Seniors won in the Upper School). The prize was the Disease Dino – the team that wins the Disease Dino most gets a grand prize at the end of Forum.


The groups are very excited about, and perhaps a tad nervous for, the presentations on the final day. All of the studios will be placed into one of five rooms where presentations will be going on. The presentations will be recorded and parent judges will be coming in to determine the finalists. Once the finalists are chosen, they will present their projects again in front of the entire school on February 15th where the winners will be chosen. A grand prize will be awarded to the winning group from both the Upper and Lower School. If you would like to see the presentations tomorrow, check out the live stream! Information regarding the live stream will be sent out shortly