Day 3: Friday

The first half of this week ended with a bang! Students began their day working in their studio groups as they researched and began making some real change both in and out of the Winsor community. This morning, some groups focused on solidifying their plans for the rest of the week.

Many groups have begun making social media platforms that range from spreading awareness about Cerebral Palsy to Mental Health. Other groups are utilizing the Innovation Lab’s 3D printing capabilities by printing syringes for their projects.


Ms. Stringfellow brought in a machine to show groups studying Cystic Fibrosis how some CF treatments work.

global forum_cf vest_1556
Photo Credit: Joe Broughton

Many students were inspired by the workshops led during the second day of Global Forum. One group even used information from Michelle Walsh’s (‘16) workshop to create a Pugh Chart to assess the pros and cons of their different ideas by weighting different evaluative categories:

Photo Credit: Ridie Markenson

The students also attended their final session of workshops, including “How to be a medical researcher, or at least talk like one” with clinical pediatric urologist Caleb Nelson, MD, MPH (P ’24) and “Conducting research in low-income countries: snapshots from Ethiopia” with Anne Stevenson (‘97), the Program Director for the Neuropsychiatric Genetics of African Populations (NeuroGAP)-Psychosis study at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Broad Institute.

In all, the first part of Global Forum has been a success, starting with our keynote speaker, Joia Mukherjee and school-wide trivia games on Day 1, student-led diversity and identity workshops on Day 2, and tons of inspiring and insightful workshops on Days 2 and 3! Looking forward to the last two days of Global Forum and final presentations when we return from the weekend!