Day 2: Thursday

The second day of Global Forum was definitely a busy one! The day started off with more time for groups to come together and continue their work on their projects. After working on developing empathy on Day 1, students began brainstorming ideas and, in some cases, began work on their projects. One studio of lower schoolers shared their progress:


Juniors and Seniors who attended the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in November of 2017 and 2018 engaged the Upper School community in conversations about diversity and identity. They discussed the 8 core identifiers they explored at the conference and shared stories about their experiences at SDLC before splitting the Upper School up by grade for further discussions.

Within each class, the students engaged in an ice-breaker “circle game” activity that challenged them to think about their identifiers in new ways and to think about their individual uniqueness and community-wide unity at the same time. The second activity tackled one of the identifiers that is least-often discussed at Winsor: socio-economic status or class. In small groups, students discussed how to navigate certain scenarios related to class at Winsor.

For some, they had so much to say that their conversations spilled out into the lunch line. Several students expressed their appreciation for the intimate and comfortable small-group format. “I think it made us stronger as a class,” said Caroline B. ‘19, citing her classmates’ willingness to be “thoughtful” in approaching the conversation. Disease, the focus of the Global Forum, is a global issue that relates to many factors of identity such as ability, socioeconomic status, and more. Through engaging in these important conversations, the student body was able to take away perhaps a new approach to their respective Global Forum projects as well as some personal reflection.

Following lunch (enchiladas!), Lower and Upper School students participated in workshops ranging from presentations like “Building a Company: Taking an Idea to a Product” and “The Global Impact of Congenital Heart Disease in Children” to a field trip to The Museum of Science!


One workshop, “Lessons from Engineering and Design Problem-solving in Childhood Cancer,” featured Winsor alum Michelle Walsh ‘16:


Reflecting on the Global Forum thus far, a number of Upper Schoolers discussed what they have enjoyed and what they are looking forward to:



Stay tuned for more updates on this blog and our Instagram as we enter Day 3 of Global Forum tomorrow before heading into the weekend!